How To See What A Butternut Squash Looks Like?


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A butternut squash usually looks like this.

In terms of how to keep it, as you do with a pumpkin for example, a cool dry place is always good. With butternut squash's though, as they have a thick skin, they should keep for around a month.

When it comes to cooking it, be imaginative! You can:

- roast it
- mash it
- puree it
- make it into a soup
- add it to breads or mufins (that should be 2 "f's" obviously but Blurtit deems the 2 "f" version offensive! Ha!)
- serve with a casserole

Have fun!
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Irene Woolston
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Could not see a picture of a butternut squash. The reason I wanted to see one, was the squash I received was VERY BIG and I had never seen or cooked one.
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Sorry about that! The image should be working now.
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I would like to see what a butternut squash looks like, to see if what I have grown is butternut.

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