What Goes With Pork Chops?


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Apple sauce. My personal preference is apple sauce sweetened with some extra sugar (or artificial sweetener) and seasoned with cinnamon and/or nutmeg. I also feel the apple sauce tastes better if it is chilled from being refrigerated.
Another choice is warm buttered cornbread topped with a generous amount of apple sauce prepared as described above. It's a nice combination with pork.
A third variation is fried apples with pork. The apples are peeled, cored and sliced the same as in an apple pie and pan fried on low/medium heat until browned and soft, but not so soft as to be mushy. Sprinkle with sugar shortly before the end of the cooking time. If you add the sugar too soon it will burn and stick to the pan.
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Glazed carrots,homemade mac n cheese,applesauce,wild rice,barbecue corn all goes great with pork
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A1 Steak Sauce!!!!!! That is really good!!!!!!
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Heinz 57 sauce, baste the pork chops and then grill them.... They are EXCELLENT!!!

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