Would Pork Chops Trigger Acid Reflux?


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I have Acid Reflux and have found that just about anything can trigger it. For me, a big thing is quantity. If I eat smaller amounts, it doesn't bother me so much. And they told me to eat dinner an hour earlier and not eat at all in the evenings before bed. But I hadn't heard that pork was supposed to be better than beef. My reflux is so bad I have developed an ulcer in my esophogus! I take Nexium and that helps a lot and I switched to Low Acid coffee (I can't give up coffee all together!). I was also told that chocolate is bad.
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I have acid reflux and everything I eat no mater how much or how little it still bothers me, just something I have learned to live with. I had ulcers before I started taking Nexium and they have gone away.... Hope he finds something that helps him.

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