Can I Eat Citrus Fruits If I Have Acid Reflux?


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doctor C answered
Yes but it will aggravate your reflux,so drink some milk before eating and see if your doctor can prescribe antacid
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The first thing to do is to cure the acid reflux and you can cure it without over the counter prescription drugs. The body becomes too alkaline and get acid reflux and the only neutralizing agent found that can cancel out the excessive acid alkaline is calcium. And find it where you can get it because unfortunately the only main place people recognize calcium to be is in milk but milk has lactic acid so it just adds to the problem. Do not use milk to get your calcium to cure acid reflux. Supplements are the best way to go but another unfortunate problem is GREED in the drug industry and it is hard to get good quality calcium in ALMOST EVERY company calcium supplements. The best calcium found to date is high grade coral calcium... Period, hands down. And the only one on average who sells the required amount of high grade coral calcium with the sufficient amount to cure acid reflux within a month if taken three times a day is Bob Barefoot's Coral Calcium Supreme. You can find this at the website "". Sometimes people don't believe the cure even when you provide all the available infornation they still refuse to believe. Good luck with that.

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