How Many Cups Dry Rice Equals Cooked Rice?


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The general rule of thumb is that for every cup of dry rice, you will generate two cups of cooked rice. This does depend on the type of rice though; eastern rice, especially Basmati, will create more like three to five cups of cooked rice.

Generally, the packaging of rice will say how many cups of dry rice you need for a serving and how much this will generate, as well as how many cups of water you will need.

Rice is known to triple in volume, but it really does depend on the variety, brand, how long you cook the rice and how hot the water involved is. Variables will always create different outcomes in cooking.

The general rule with the water involved is for every cup of rice, you add two cups of water. The best method of cooking rice is to put the water in first and boil it. Then add the rice and then re-boil once again.

You can additionally substitute things like broth for the water, giving your rice flavor, but you should add extra to compensate for the evaporation process and the potential weakening of flavor. You can also use dry flavoring powders, such as curry, to add flavor to your rice.
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1 cup of dry rice requires 2 cups of water to cook.
This produces approximately 3 cups of cooked rice.

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