How Many Calories In A Andy's Cheeseburger?


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Given that you haven't specified the type of cheeseburger from the restaurant Andy's that you want to find the calorie content of, it is difficult to give an accurate answer about the actual content. If the burger is larger, or contains fatty foods like bacon and cheese, it is bound to be more calorific than a burger with chicken and lettuce, so a cheeseburger isn't the healthiest option. However, you can eat an Andy's cheeseburger once in a while without worrying, as you can eat pretty much anything as long as it is in moderation. Here are some hints and tips to keep yourself in good shape whilst still enjoying the foods you love:

• As aforementioned, as long as you're not eating a cheeseburger or two every day of your life, you can always treat yourself to the occasional naughty meal. Everyone does it and it is probably worse to deny yourself such foods because then it becomes a "forbidden fruit" and you feel more inclined to want one, meaning you may have a binge on cheeseburgers for a while.
• Make sure you keep moving. Exercise is brilliant and completely necessary to live a healthy, active lifestyle. You don't need to run a marathon, but a half hour walk everyday can be enough to keep you away from breaking the scales.
• If you find that you do need to lose some pounds, going to Andy's for your cheeseburger maybe isn't the best of ideas. You can try healthier options, like a salad or a low fat burger to make your intake lower.
• Alternatively, you can think of the foods you love from restaurants and take aways and make them yourself at home, without the ridiculously fatty burgers or crazy amounts of cheese. If you make a healthier version of the burger, you can enjoy the snacks you love without having to worry about your weight too much.

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