If jets start using vegetable oil to power their engines isn't this going to create even more morbidly obese people with all those jets engines giving off the smell of french fries and donuts?


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Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
You are very funny and no I do not think so. Just call the doctor ASAP once this happens.
Karen Profile
Karen answered
Sounds like it could make people pretty darn hungry to smell that. People will just have to find the discipline to avoid what their nose is telling them and run on off to the veggie stand. That sounds boring, uh?
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Janey answered
Lol - the German airline Lufthansa is trialling biofuels as an alternative jet fuel, so I guess these people will be wearing inner-city dustmasks so they don't get a whiff of all that lovely junk food aroma lol.

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