How Many Calories Do French Fries Have?


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That really depends on where you buy the fries from, and what size portion you have!

How Many Calories Do French Fries Have?
  • McDonald's Small Fries - 230 calories
  • McDonald's Medium Fries - 330 calories
  • McDonald's Large Fries - 460 calories
  • Burger King Small Fries - 194 calories
  • Burger King Regular Fries - 291 calories
  • Burger King Large Fries - 369 calories
  • Burger King Super Fries - 456 calories

French fries are okay to eat in moderation, but just make sure you don't have them too often! The average male should consume around 2500 calories a day, and the average woman should have around 2000. However, this will vary depending on height, weight, metabolism and activity level.

French fries can often be quite salty, and too much sodium is bad for you - yet another reason not to indulge in them too frequently! Potato wedges are often a healthier alternative, or even oven-cooked fries that you can buy frozen from the grocery store.
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Depends what kind of fries you get and from which fast food restaurant. I'm guessing about between 200-300 calories. But like I said, it differs between restaurants.
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It has a lot and I think you shouldn't eat them every time you want them, like I do. I eat french fries everyday, any time of the day, and I have gained 10 pounds.

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