Should We Ever Put Ice In Alcoholic Drinks?


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If you think of it this way you would agree that yes ice is ok in alcoholic drinks. The ones you make in the blender ans also the ice can help keep you hydrated to avoid hangovers. Alcohol dehydrates the body so adding the ice can be a water factor that can only help.
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No,you shouldn't Ever Put Ice In Alcoholic Drinks.
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I have never heard of there being any harm in it. So go ahead I will take mine on the rocks.
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I Don't Drink Booze But I Would Think That Ice Would Keep It Chilled And Take Some Of The Bite Out Of It By Watering It Down.. Ice In Wine And Wine Coolers I've Seen People Do That..I've Seen Them Put It In Scotch Whiskey..Like Scotch On The Rocks. My Brother Was An Alcoholic And He Drank All The Hard Stuff Like Vodka And Jack Daniels. He Put Ice In The Rum And Coke And Ice In The Jack Daniels But Nothing Else.. Also Booze Dries You Up. Ice Could Stop That
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I'd say most drinks are better without ice; especially mixed drinks. The "chill's" already built into those. Room temp is better for "sipping" liquors; such as Kahlua, etc. (tho I like that "On the Rocks".)  I'm just a "tea totaler", at heart, what would I know ? I think too much ice in anything alcoholic, ruins the flavor of most. Save the ice for your Cokes, Pepsis, n' iced teas. And don't get mad at me cause I like to put ice in my Arbor Mist wine. It just tastes better to me that way.
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Jewelly A. Shetka
I don't care for cold coffee and what's the Bailey's
without the kick? That's kind of like decaf coffee.
I haven't drank in a long while but ,even then,
I was the cheapest drunk in town: One drink
(vodka or rum) mixed wet and I was done
for the rest of the night Now, 'a splash'
as you put it, would most likely put me nap-nap
before I finished it.
I'll have to see what my Doctor says., though.
I miss my Bailey's night cap.
P.S. It's not bad over vanilla ice cream, either.
Midnite star
Midnite star commented
Don't get me wrong. I'm the cheapest date in town, too.An' I getcha about the "kick"...But like I said...a "splash" might make ya feel-"not so left out", if your doc allows it on your meds. It neva hurt me, n' was easy, since I'm not really a drinker. More would put me right out on my arse, if I had it. Either that...or head 1st over the throne !! My OB's nurse used to tell me to drink a glass of wine before bed. Now they don't allow a drop of it, or even coffee!! Geez...a bit much, I think.
Midnite star
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The ice cream thing sounds yummy too. I'll hafta give that a shot. ( not literally).lol
An' they don't really taste like cold coffee...That's why I do like them. I make them load mine down with chocolate syrup. Yummmmmm....Coffee all gone !!
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I don't drink any alcoholic beverages...not even tried.
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Since i have never used alcohol and never will i don't really know. I would hope if you did put it in your drink it would be to either water it down and make it cool or to fill the glass so you would not drink so much at one time as a  reminder to
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I dont think we should...but i really dont no cause i dont drink alcoholic drinks
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William Harkin answered
Hi Keith.NEVER,especially in a good Scotch.Don't even entertain the notion of putting ice in any malt whisky.
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I go with the American school of thought- ice is nice. I particularly enjoy a whiskey on the rocks, when the ice has melted juuuust a little bit, but not enough to dilute the whiskey.
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I think the little liquid-filled freeze-thingies
are better.The drink gets cold without diluting it.
Some drinks, though, ice is part of it.  
Margaritas  and Pina-colatas for example.
(anybody have a bartender's dictionary?
I can't spell that if my life depended on it).
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I see this as a personal preference.  For the most part, when I do drink an alcoholic drink, I usually have it over ice.
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Hmmm idk doesnt it taste better cuz its cold though lol.. I dnt think theres any harm ice is plain water so its not gonna do anything

hope this helped!! :)

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