Does Drinking Too Much Tea Cause Gallstones?


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No, it doesn't. Gall stones usually come from eating a lot of spicy foods or hot stuff such as peppers, hot sauce, or any other hot foods. Now kidney stones come from drinking too much carbonated beverages and alcohol. Also, salt can cause gall stones if you put it on top of food raw b/c it crystallizes into deposits as you digest it. So drinking too much tea can't give  you gall stones, but if he's drinking a lot of caffeinated tea, it can cause heart palpitations b/c of too much caffeine. So tell him to drink plenty of water after drinking tea to flush it out of his systems.
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No, drinking tea actually helps prevent formation of gallstones. Gallstones are when too much bile forms in the gall bladder. This formation is due to eating foods too high in fat and cholesterol. Gallstones also form from drinking too little water, too much alcohol and being obese. Tea and water help to flush excess bile from the gall bladder and cleanse the bile ducts. So drink tea and know it's good for you.
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No, That is only a rumor, gallstones can happen by eating to much fatty foods or too much smoking.
Sometimes Gallstones can be mistaken by Appendiciteus which is when the Appendix ruptures and requires key hole surgery.
Appendiciteus can recover on it's own, But it may happen again in your life or it might never happen again.
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Drinking BLACK tea *can* give you Gall stones. Any other tea is mostly okay, and will have lots of benefits! My manager used to be a pharmacist, and does not want us drinking black tea!
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A calcium deposit blocked my bile tube from the Gall Bladder upto a point between the esophagus and the entry to the stomach of a fluid to aid in digestion. My first thought that all the milk and milk by-products like cheeses and ice cream caused the need to remove the blockage and thus ended a most unbelievable uninterrupted long lasting pain.
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Actually had my gallbladder removed and they said to not drink tea for 3 months. So...

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