Where Does Red Cabbage Come From?


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Red cabbage was supposedly introduced in Europe by the Romans. But the Celts seem to have brought cabbage from Asia-minor even earlier. They invaded those parts in 278 BC.  Most names given to cabbages in different languages have Celtic origin. The first description of Red Cabbage found in England is dated 1570 and before that there have been no descriptions of magenta or purplish cabbages. The exact colour of the cabbage varies according to the type of soil. Red in acidic soils and blue when the soil is an alkaline base the cabbage resembles a litmus test. The scientific name of red cabbage is Brassica oleracea.    Red Cabbage is of the Genus Brassica in the Family of Brassicaceae under the order of Brassicales. It is of the class Magnoliopsida, division Magnoliophyta in the Kingdom of Plantae, i.e.: The plant Kingdom.  

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