My Kids Love Cheese Strings, Are They That Unhealthy To Eat?


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Cheese strings are stick-shaped packs of cheese, which peel down nicely (and kids do love the gimmick, food they can play with and it has a salty taste). Like many other things, they aren't so bad if eaten in moderation.

The ingredients of cheese strings are processed cheese, colouring when orange (usually annatto, which is the most common colouring added to all orange cheeses), and salt (up to 0.75 g per package). Processed cheese is a mix of different cheeses and other dairy products (such as whey), melted and mixed with emulsifiers (salts that change the texture and get them all to mix together) and reformed into another shape. Emulsifiers are very common food additives that help keep oils from separating out of a mixture; the best known emulsifier is probably egg yolk; the most common emulsion mixture eaten is probably mayonnaise.

The only really (potentially) scary thing about cheese strings is their salt content; some sources reckon that children aged 4-6 years shouldn't have more than 3 g of salt per day; obviously, one cheese string coming in at 0.75 g of salt is a lot of salt for the small amount of calories it gives. For this reason probably best to limit them to only one per day, and even then not every day.

Alternatives to cheese strings: you can try cut-up cubes of plain cheese, perhaps mixed with raisins, as a tv-time snack or lunchbox filler. You may also be able to find firm mozzarella cheese that can be cut down to cheese string size portions, but won't have the added salt or stigma of being 'processed cheese'.
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I love cheesestrings there rubbery texture makes them taste great! And I love to peel them into funny shapes and stuff, seriously, cheesestrings should be turned alive and made kings and queens of the world!
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They can be a nice snack but done let them eat to many! Then they do get unhelthy!
They have at least 80 callories in them...
Hope this helps!
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no there not unhealthy just make sure your kids don't eat to much of them.

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Cheese Strings are my #1 favorite snack choice for my 6yr old son:

1. He loves them.
2. They are reasonably priced, even on a budget like me
3. They contain a serving of milk
4. They contain no sugar or preservatives
5. Cheese is proven to contain calcium, phosphates and bacteria that help keep your teeth clean, and short of brushing your teeth after every meal, is the next best way to finish every meal.  Ask your dentist!
6. They are super yummy and fun too.

Such a great product!!  Unfortunately they'll get more expensive as demand increases, and the Generic Brand just isn't the same.
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No, they are not unhealthy, they contain 100% cheese, and each one is equivalent to 1 glass of milk.
1 Cheestring (21g) provides 26% of the recommended daily allowance of calcium for a child aged 5 – 10 years and 25% of the recommended daily allowance of protein.

I give them to my girls all the time, they are a great snack and can be eaten as we go!
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Not unless you let them eat 10 or 20 at one time, it is good for growing kids ( Calcium ) .
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After much research we stopped eating anything from the dairy business such as cheese. Apart from the animal cruelty issue, we learned so much. That milk contains so many nasties that it is totally unhealthy. Because the majority of cows get mastitis due to their totally gross udders then milk is sold with millions of pus cells legally allowed in it and from the foods made from it. Milk can legally be sold containing up to 400 million pus cells per litre, which is millions in each teaspoonful. It also contains, antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides etc etc. Healthy it is NOT. Milk is baby food intended for a mammals own species only. Regarding calcium too much milk or dairy actualy leaches calcium from the bones. Osteoporosis is unheard of in dairy free countries so I would give your children a dairyfree diet. They will be much healthier .

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