I know vegans don't eat cheese, but do they eat honey?


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Lia Tan Profile
Lia Tan answered

Some vegans do eat honey while others don't. Technically you're not supposed to if you're a vegan since it's honey is created by bees. In terms of diets, vegans should eat nothing that is derived wholly or partially from animals, which means honey shouldn't be in a vegan diet. But then again, some vegans choose to eat honey.

Michael Jordan Profile
Michael Jordan , Vegan Expert, answered

See Vegan means not to use or eat nay product made or produce by animals. Honey is also made by bees and so it cant come under vegan food or even i vegan diet. 

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Karl Sagan answered

I did not know that information about the vegan diet, I thought that if they could eat honey, even then if they can eat synthetic honey, it is produced differently from artisanal honey, even though the truth is that I will ask in the vegan store where I buy my prefer vegan handbags to be clear because then if my vegan friends eat honey then they are not following the vegan diet as it should be.

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