What is the edge between unhealthy eating & eating less to be healthy?


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This is a hard question , eating unhealthily doesn't just mean binge eating it also is 'Not' eating , eating healthy can be different for very single person , it may include eating less because you usually eat ALOT that causes you to gain a lot of weight or just eating a bit more because you usually eat small portions that don't really give you energy or healthy . So there is definitely a big difference  between eating unhealthy and eating less to be healthy , just to clarify eating unhealthy can include eating lots of junk or fatty foods , not keeping a balanced diet for example not eating enough vegies or fruit and eating lots of fatty goods , or even not eating enough ( anorexia or bulimia) or just not having a good appetite and not eating enough , theres more other examples of eating unhealthy, but im going to move on from this , eating less to be healthy is by not eating as much to be healthy , which could be for you personally healthy , you may find yourself eating more then you're supposed to , but just for advice don't eat too much of a certain thing no matter HOWWW healthy it may seem eg. Apples or carrot , too much of everything can be bad for you . Sadly , so try to eat and drink how much you're supposed to , fruits , vegies , dairy , carbohydrates etc. So if you think you're eating too much and its really impacting you then eating less to be healthy is 'healthy' aha hope you don't get mixed up by the two phrases :)

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