What healthy chips can you replace unhealthy ones with. When trying to change your eating habits for the same price you were paying for the unhealthy snacks?


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Any of the chips with less salt and fat in them, now for the price they are definitly going to be different, they even have banna chips, in the stores, price I'm not sure, I know they cost a little more because most people eat the unhealthy ones but for your own health what does a few cents matter if it means you are going to be healthier...
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Sun-chips aren't that bad
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I find whole grain Tostitoes to be somewhat healthier. No chip is really healthy but that's the healthiest I can think of. You can also eat Quakers, those are quite healthy.
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The trouble with toastido's style chips is i have to have bean dip to go with them. : ). And potato chips i always had french onion dip .as the saying goes - i could not just eat one. Hahahaha.that is why i don't eat regular snack chips anymore. I would devour a whole bag while typing on the comoputer or wathcing tv.so i don't keep any(bad) chips in the house anymore. Anyway so far i have dropped over 65 pounds by doing little things like that. But(yes there is a but) cont-
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I find myself wanting somethg crunchy to eat while typing or watching tv and i don't want to go back to my old habits by eating a couple thousands grams of salt in one sitting not to mention eating 500-600 calories. : ).just explaining why i asked this question. Later
Elizabeth Lorenzo
Well, congrats on your weight loss. And if you want something crunchy maybe you could go with Cheerios or the Chocolate Special K cereal. I personally love those.

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