Can eating unhealthy cause discoloration in the skin?


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Eating lots of junk food or sugary snacks can cause a pasty coloured skin, which can be resolved by eating lots of fruit and vegetables and foods that are high in Vitamin C.
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My people call it poisonous food"virudha aharam" , like recipes don't match each other , example fish and curd will cause some kind of reaction which is harmful to the human body and it can lead to skin disorder , which includes discoloration of the skin
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It can and also what you eat can cause this too
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Anna Bomberger
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But what i eat and unhealthy eating is the same cause i am worried about the discoloration. Will it go away if I start eating healthy?
Arthur Wright
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Chances are yes but not guranteed in case its a skin disease or something, i dont want to lie to you so try eating healthy and see what haoppens and if nothing after a couple weeks, talk to your DR about this

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