Is It Healthy To Eat Nuts?


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Although many people on diets avoid nuts due to the fact that they are usually relatively high in calories, most nuts and seeds are very healthy. Some research indicates that walnuts, unsalted pistachios and hazelnuts can help reduce the risk of heart disease in people who consume them on a regular basis.

For example, a recent study concluded that of the 1,900 male participants in the research project, those who ate the most nuts had 72% fewer cases of heart disease. Another study published by the National Institute of Aging suggests that nuts can decrease one's risk for a heart attack by about 50%.

It is important to remember, however, that not all nuts are equally beneficial. For example, it is much preferable to eat walnuts, almonds or pistachios, rather than peanuts or cashews. Also, be sure to avoid oily, salted nuts, or those that are otherwise flavoured, either with sugar or other artificial products.

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