Are Chicken Patty Sandwiches Healthy To Eat?


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Merlin Paine answered
No if you are talking about the breaded kind. They have too much fat in them. Cheap food like this is not very health. The healthiest chicken sandwich would be made from a boneless chicken breast and baked or boiled, or fried in olive oil. These meats made from breading and fused animal parts are not as good.
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Sarah answered
Yes they are
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Arafat Hossain answered

Overall, it generally looks like a reasonably healthy meal. Like the above user said, most school lunches these days are designed to be healthy. Is there salad in the chicken sandwich? If so, then it makes it healthier but it also depends on how the chicken patty is cooked (deep fried, fried, baked etc) If you are interested in being super healthy you may like to replace the juice with water and the potato wedges with a piece of fruit or vegetables (carrot sticks etc), to make it a more balanced meal!

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