Does it make sense that it costs more to eat healthy unprocessed foods then eating heavily processed foods?


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Ancient Hippy answered

No, makes no sense at all. It ticks me off that you must spend more money for healthy foods.

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Walt O'Reagun answered

That depends on where you purchase it.

If you buy veggies from a local farmer's market - they are generally less than purchasing them from the large chain store.  At least, if the vendor is selling their excess garden harvest.  If they're in it for the money, they'll advertise it as "natural" or whatever and charge more than you'd pay at the chain store.

The reason it's so expensive at the chain store is because it DOES cost more to grow.  We are so reliant on bio-engineered seeds, that it costs more to get "natural" seeds because they are NOT as common.  And not relying on chemicals for fertilizer and pest control, requires more "hands on" time by growers - thus more "man hours" and higher costs.

Once "natural" agriculture becomes the norm rather than the exception - seed prices will go back down, reducing some of the high cost.

Another reason for the high cost is that "natural" produce is not "pretty".  So they have to "weed out" the "ugly" produce - which means less produce for the demand.  Some stores are experimenting with selling the "ugly" produce.  If consumers show a willingness to purchase it, that will also bring prices down.

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Does it make sence ? Yes , is it right or fair ? No.

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Nothing makes sense to me. A local tv station brought that up about mcdonalds salads being hi priced yet u can get burgers and fries for two or three bux

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