I Love The Spicy Green Beans At Pf Changs. How Do You Make The Sauce?


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"I would take some fresh green beans, trim them a little at the ends and then steam for a few minutes until they are crisp. Don't overcook them at this stage, because we will be frying them as well. To create a glaze for the beans, chop finely or crush some garlic, finely chop a chilli or use chilli flakes, add this to some soy sauce with maybe some finely chopped shallots or spring onions, grated ginger and maybe a dollop of clear honey. There is no set rule for the quantities because it depends what you like, if you prefer it spicy then add more chilli. You can then use a dry frying pan or griddle pan to finish off the beans, adding the sauce until they are well covered, using oil at this stage is unnecessary, and a strong tasting oil like olive oil would flavour the dish in the wrong way. Ideally, the beans should still be crispy so that they have a nice bite to them, and to finish off, add a splash of sesame oil at the end of cooking which should leave them with that shiny glaze. PF Changs is an American chain restaurant, serving good quality Chinese food, and this recipe should be pretty similar to what they serve."
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Hello there fellow Alaskan!! My husband made his own, he suggests you use a little cumin for the smoky flavor, vinegar and salt, and some tobasco or chili pepper flakes, just boil the mixture a little, and let cool a little, then add the green beans, and let them marinate, but keep them in the frig until you are ready to try them, and I hope they turn out as you are going to have to experiment to get the taste that you want from them.
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Thanks. The recipe that the first person sent me was just about spot on but this recipe sounds great, too. I'll try it next time I get green beans.

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