How Do I Make Hot Chocolate (cocoa) Using Plain Cocoa Powder?


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If you're used to 'just add hot water or milk' drinking chocolate mixes, this may seem very different. But it is worth it, in terms of the improvement in taste over the ready-mix stuff.

Into an 8 oz cup of hot cocoa, put

1 level teaspoon plain cocoa powder. This is unsweetened and tastes nasty on its own.
2 level teaspoons granulated sugar (white or demerara is ok).

(The 2 sugars to one cocoa ratio is the main rule of thumb, if you want to make different amounts).

Mix with a tiny amount of cold milk in cup into a thick smooth paste.

Now you have 2 chioices; either heat up another 6 oz of milk on the hob, be careful not to scald (overheat) the milk. And then pour into the cup, or

Add cold milk to the cup and heat all the mixture in microwave for about 2 minutes (the exact time depends on the power rating of your microwave, and how hot you like your drinks). The microwave version will usually not turn out as creamy and smooth as the milk-heated-on-the-hob technique.
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1.put one teaspoon in a cup
2.put 2 teaspoons of white sugar
3.put hot water (not boiling) in to the cup
4. If you want you can put a little bit of milk

And then its ready
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Use icing sugar instead of sugar, it makes for an eastern european tasting hot chocolate. Don't be afraid to put in loads of icing sugar, the more the better. X
Just add sugar and hot water
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Excellent ideas ppl tastes great also (with the top on add 2 teaspoons of hot water and fill the rest with cold and add ice)
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Boil hot milk then pour it in your mug then put coca powder and add some sugar and that's it

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