How Do I Make Simple Chocolate At Home?


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Take 1 cup of cocoa powder add 2 cups of milk powder.
Take 1cup of sugar . Melt it in mild flame.
Add 4 teaspoons of butter to it.
Now add mixed powder to that and stirrer it well till it get mixed well.
Now add 1/2cup warm water to that and stirrer it till it becomes a paste.
Put it in refrigerators for 1 hr.
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Homemade Chocolate Recipes

Recipe 1

Powdered Sugar
Baking Cocoa
Milk Powder
Hot Water
Combine one cup of cocoa powder and 2 cups of milk powder in a bowl and mix well.
Put two cups of sugar in a pan and place it on flame. Let it caramelize, while stirring the mixture so that it doesn’t get burnt.
Add the mixture of cocoa and milk powder to the caramel and stir it well. Mix it till it thickens and then add lukewarm water to it, to form a slightly thick paste.
Beat the mixture well, to form a smooth paste. Take a mould or tray and pour the liquid chocolate in it.
Put the mould/tray in freezer for 5- 6 hours. Take the chocolate out of the mould and serve.
Recipe 2

Cocoa Beans
Cocoa Liqueur
Roasting Pan
Milk Powder
Vanilla Pod (optional)
Cocoa Butter
Lay the cocoa beans in a single layer across a cookie sheet and start off with an 18 minute roast in a preheated oven, at an initial high temperature of 450 deg C (1200 deg F).
Expose the beans to lower temperature, between 120-160 deg C (250-325 deg F), gradually and stop roasting when the beans start to crack (but do not burn).
After roasting, let the beans cool down. Now, crack into nibs and winnow them to remove husks. Grind the nibs in cocoa liqueur, in a juicer that is more powerful than what we use at home.
Feed the nibs into the juicer one handful at a time, being sure to push them in gently. Cocoa liqueur will come through the screen and a mixture of husks and liqueur will find its way through the spout. You can feed this mixture through the juicer again, until only the husk comes through the spout.
Melt the chocolate and the cocoa butter in the oven, to about 120 F. You can even combine them with milk powder, sugar, lecithin and a vanilla pod (split and soaked in the cocoa butter for 1 hour; this is an optional flavoring).
Pour the chocolate mixture in a 2 L Santha Wet grinder, pointing a hair dryer periodically at it for 2-3 minutes. To keep the chocolate melted during the first hour. The friction created by the grinder will keep the chocolate liquid melted later.
Continue refining for at least 10 hours, but no more than 36 hours, until the chocolate tastes smooth and balanced. If you are taking a break, turn off the grinder, put the covered bowl into an oven that's preheated to 150 F, but turned off, and leave it there overnight. It shouldn't solidify, but if it does, take the cover off and turn the oven on, at about 150-175. Until the chocolate melts.
Melt the chocolate at 100 degree F and pour about one third of the contents of the chocolate onto a hard, non-porous countertop or other surface (granite or marble works best).
Spread the chocolate out with a spatula and then bring it all back together. Continue doing it for 10-15 minutes, until it comes down at a temperature of 85 degree F and becomes a thick mass.
Now, add some more chocolate (100 degree F) from the bowl and repeat the process.
Return the chocolate back into the bowl, with the 100 degree chocolate. Stir it gently, and try not to create bubbles. Take care that the temperature strictly lies between 90- 92 degrees F.
Pour the chocolate in the moulds you would prefer and either freeze, refrigerate, or let it harden at room temperature.
When the chocolate is hardened, remove it from the mould and look for the glossy appearance. Your yummy chocolate is ready.
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Some of the most famous names in chocolate manufacturing started off creating their chocolates at home. It is possible but it does not tend to taste like the chocolate you buy from a shop.

It literally takes years to create the chocolate that you buy in the shops. It has to go through an extremely long process and when making chocolate at home you simply do not have the proper resources. The chocolate you can make at home has a slightly more bitter taste to it; however with a bit of practise you could well create some pretty tasty chocolate! You can buy cocoa beans from a variety of places including online, and in order to create chocolate you will need to roast them at around 400 degrees C for half an hour. Next you will need to take the husks off the beans once thy have cooled down. This generally takes quite a while but it is essential as you need to reach the nibs inside. Once you reach the nibs you need to crush them up using a mortar and pestle. Do this until they are finely grounded, the longer you ground them for the smoother the chocolate will be. Heat up the mixture in a pan for a few minutes and then repeat the mortar and pestle process. Finally once the mixture is smooth, you need to add some sugar (usually ¼ of a cup to 1 cup of beans) some vanilla and a little cinnamon. Keep the mixture in the fridge until it has set and there you have your chocolate.
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Making chocolate at home is an activity that may require patience and time, but in the end it can be well worth the effort. Homemade chocolate is usually made with natural ingredients and not with the artificial products that characterize most brandname sweets sold in stores.

The key ingredients necessary when making chocolate are cocoa (six tablespoons), icing sugar (125-130 grams), powdered milk (four tablespoons), Copha, or coconut oil (125 grams) and just a pinch of salt. Pour all the ingredients, except for the Copha, into a bowl or a basin and begin to mix them together. At the same time, heat up the Copha on the stove, melting the product, and then add it to the bowl. Mix everything together, pour the chocolate onto a baking pan and allow it to sit until it becomes solid. After this, you can cut the chocolate into cubes, or squares.

Some people also add vanilla to the chocolate mix, as well as nuts for a little extra flavour.
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I don't know if you can make you own chocolate but you can melt dark and milk chocolate buttons in a plastic seal bag and put it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes then cut a hole in the corner and squeeze it to make shapes.

The first time me and my friend did it the plastic seal bag exploded and melted chocolate was all over the microwave so keep an eye on it!

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