What Is The Recipe Of "Afghani Chicken Tikka"?


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To prepare "afghani chicken tikka" note down ingredients first, take:
Chicken (1-kilo, boneless) , half tea spoon of grinned black pepper, 2 cup yoghurt (a bit blended), lemon juice (two or three table spoon, or to taste), chopped garlic (2 doves), salt to taste. This chicken will be enough to server four at a table.

Wash chicken properly first and then mix it in yogurt and garlic paste. Marinate till it tenderizes, Put the salt in a big and shallow non-reactive dish or bowl and mix it with the marinated chicken. Then add three table spoons of lemon and black pepper. Mix this well. Chicken must be boneless so that the pieces can lie flat. Now all of the surfaces of chicken must be well coated this yoghurt marinated stuff. Cover up the bowl tightly and place this bowl in refrigerator. Let it to marinate round about overnight, up to a day and a half. Cook when you think it is well marinated. To cook, grill about 6 inches from the heat for six to eight minutes a side, or till it is thoroughly cooked. Meat will get brownish somewhat but should not burn. Serve immediately. It can be served with tomato sauce and salad.
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Last week I made an attempt with chicken tikka rolls....It was an awesome snack quickly prepared..guys just  try it and let me know how well you all enjoyed it!

Cooking is an art..enjoy it!

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