What is your favorite "create something out of nothing" recipe?


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I have one and it doesn't involve an oven or anything !!! Get some gold fish cheddar crackers ... Put five in your mouth. Then get a can of reddi whip spray it on your mouth ... Then chew. No dishes ... No cooking ... BAM ! Awesome:) this is best done after  2am sitting on your kitchen floor after you've been out dancing all night on a Saturday. I've never tried it sober but I'm sure it's fine.

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Cabbage, onion, hamburger (browned), tomato sauce, potato and seasoning....all in a pot and let cook

shepherds pie....mashed potatoes, hamburger, green beans, cream of mushroom soup and cheddar cheese

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One day I didn't feel going to the store, probably because it was too cold out. I knew I was going to make country ribs in the slow cooker, but didn't have much to go with it. I usually add a little vinegar to draw out the fat. I think I was out of vinegar, so after putting the ribs in and the sauce, I realized I had sauerkraut in the fridge, and that has vinegar. So I dumped it on top, hoping for the best. It turned out great! Since we use a honey barbecue sauce the sweetness cuts the sourness of the sauerkraut. People look at me like I am nuts when I serve it, but they all love it.

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One time when Mrs Didge was in hospital I had to feed the kids for a week. No problem. I just gave them a plate of dried rice and followed it with a couple of glasses of water. Filled 'em up quick smart.

You want "something from nothing"? Try that one. >:-/

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I saw this video a week ago, Fam loves rice, so it's being served on the side all week.

Rice + Salt + Pepper+ Virgin Olive Oil + A TOMATO into a rice cooker.

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This was fun to watch, he really seems to have a flair...also watched his video on how to prepare hot oil.
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Good tip to keep in mind Virginia. Thank you dearly to you both! :0)
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