I Want To Cook Lemon Chicken. Can Anyone Please Tell Me The Recipe?


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Take six chicken breasts, corn flour (half cup), salt (half tsp), pepper (one fourth tsp), egg yolks (six and slightly beaten) beaten lightly, water (half cup), oil (4 tbsp), green onions (six and sliced). For Lemon Sauce: corn flour (6 tbsp), chicken stick (three cups), lemon juice (one cup), brown sugar (6 tbsp), honey (6 tbsp), ginger paste (2 tbsp).

Cut the chicken pieces into halves and wash them properly; after washing let them dry. Make then tender and flattened with the help of rolling pin. Now mix together the corn flour, salt and pepper according to the taste you like in a medium sized bowl. After that, mix the beaten egg yolks and water in a bowl. Dip the chicken pieces into the batter made in the bowl. Deep fry the pieces into oil at medium heat. Then cut chicken pieces into strips and arrange them in a plate.

For lemon sauce, mix all lemon ingredients and cook it over medium heat. Keep stirring continuously, for about ten minutes or till you find the sauce getting thick. Pour the sauce over the over the fried strips of chicken and garnish it with the chopped green onions. It can be served hot with boiled rice and salad.
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Lemon Chicken
1. Chicken 1 KG
2. Oil ( As required )
3. salt 2 tea spoon
4. Red chili Powder 1 tea spoon
5. Green chili 3 Pieces
6. lemon 6 ( full of juice )
7. Garlic Paste ½ Tea spoon
8. Ginger paste ½ Tea spoon
9. garam masala ½ tea spoon
10. China salt ½ tea spoon
11. Yogurt

1. wash the chicken cut whole chicken into eight pieces.And also make some small cut on each pieces.
2. Take yogurt and add red chili powder salt , china salt ,ginger paste and garlic paste.
3. Marinate the chicken whit all stuff which is on number 2.
4. Keep them in fridge for one hour in all 6 lemon juice for 3 hour.
5. then these eight pieces fried into hot oil one by one but the temperature must be medium other wise yore chicken will be cook on outer side but not from inner side.
6. when the chicken is fried then spread green chili (but in cut shape)

Method 2
All above but add bar B Q steak and eliminate green chilies.
Mari nation is as above in this method chicken does not fry but grilled on Bar B q steak a

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