What Can I Make As A Simple Pasta Sauce?


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There are a lot of simple ways to prepare pasta that can be adjusted to your tastes. One method uses tagliatelle, the long noodles of pasta that are often served in small bundles. Boil enough water to cover the pasta in a deep pan. Drop in the pasta and add a little salt. Allow it to cook for 9 to 11 minutes. Meanwhile, make the sauce. Use a non-stick skillet of frying pan. If you like pine nuts, first put a little olive oil in the pan and drop in the pine nuts. Heat them gently until they are toasted. You can remove the nuts and keep them separate to add later. That way they will be crunchy. Then add a can of chopped tomatoes to your pan that is already warm. Heat it gently and top with spinach if you desire. 'Sweat' spinach until it turns a bright green. If you time it right, by the time your sauce is heated, your pasta will be ready. Drain and mix the sauce with the pasta. Then top with the toasted pine nuts.
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You'll find that you can normally make a sauce out of the remnants of your cupboards. One of my favourites its a creamy sweet chilli and tomato sauce.
When making your own sauces feel free to experiment with seasonings and little extras to make it your own.

A little tip for your pasta. Try adding a little oil into the water as well as salt!

What you'll need;
cream - 1/2 a small pot
sweet chilli sauce - about 2 tablespoons
tomato puree - 1 tablespoon
fresh tomato - 2
tabasco - 3 drops
salt - to taste
pepper - to taste
mozzarella cheese - grated as a topping

In a gravy pan, over a low heat, add the cream and sweet chilli sauce. Mix together well. Chop up your fesh tomato and throw it in with the puree. Add the tabasco and mix well. (add more tabasco if you like it spicy!)
Taste it and season with salt and pepper as you like.

Mix into the pasta and heat for two more minutes.

Serve on a plate topped with some grated cheese.

Experiment with fresh herbs as a garnish.
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A simple but good recipe for Alfredo sauce is cream + butter (I believe 1/2 cup of each) + parmesan cheese (good quality & grated). Mix these together over a low heat, the parmesan will melt in and thicken the sauce. You can start with 1/2 cup of butter and cream and cheese and add more to your liking.
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To make pasta sauceย Knorr alfredo sacue mix is best option.

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