What Is A Croissant Made Out Of?


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A croissant is a French traditional pastry eaten at breakfast with coffee. It is made from butter and flour and raising agent, in the plain form. However many things can be added as fillings or toppings, for example; chocolate, jam, berry filling, honey and custard are all fillings that can be found. They can sometimes also be served with ham and cheese filling or with cream cheese inside.
Often they are glazed with a sugar or chocolate glazing on the top, or sprinkled with sugar.
They are consumed in great quantities all over Europe, but they should be freshly baked and not out of a packet, to be at their buttery best. I like them plain.
In Italy they are called brioche, and that is the only thing Italians eat for breakfast, with coffee of course.
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Croissant: A croissant is a traditional French pastry. It is made up of butter, flour and a raising agent. Many things can be added for filling such as jam, berry fillings, honey and custard. They can be baked fresh or bought in packets. These are eaten all over Europe as a morning treat as well as being served with coffee.
I like them with with cream and cheese!

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