Where Can I Find Info About Molded And Mildewed Bread?


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Molded bread refers to any of the different fungi from the genus Rhizophus that creates a thick, cottony growth on bread and other such foods. These airborne micro organisms usually land on bread fibres and grow on starch and sugar present in the bread. The greenish discoloration is a consequence of the mold's metabolism of the carbohydrates inherent in the bread. . These by-products are actually very helpful as antibiotics in their natural state.

As the mold metabolizes, and thrives, it begins to grow large in quantity. It reproduces through spores which are emitted to other parts of the bread through air and physical contact. These spores attach themselves to the bread fibre and repeat the aforementioned cycle. Each coloured mold can signify a diverse species on a single crumb of bread. Mildew is a kind of mold that is found to be grown in kitchen and near the bathrooms. So, if you have stored your bread near these areas, there is a chance of mildew growth over a period of time, due to dampness.

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