What Actually Hapens When You Eat Moldy Bread?


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It depends on the kind of mold. The green one, as told by Septic may be Penicillium, the fungi that produces penicillin.On the other hand inf it is ORANGE DO NOT EAT! It may be Aspergillus, a fungi that produces afla-toxins a substance that produces cancer. If a bread is moldy, it wont taste good, you don't need unnecessary penicillin intake. Neither to take the risk of cancer. Be wise, dispose it.!In case of accidental intake, that may happen if it has very small quantity of fungi, otherwise you should detect it for the bad taste. I do not think that you can do something, maybe taking some adsorbent substance like activated carbon, a burned piece of bread or kaolin may help. If you are allergic to penicillin, and are on risk of anaphylactic shock, maybe provoking voiding the stomach may prevent it. Ask your physician.
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Not much, depending on the type of mold you ingest. Although I wouldn't recommend it, because it tastes like dirt.
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Nothing. Might cure an infection if it's moldy enough. Taste a little funny. The best free penicylin in the world.
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You can get sick and may have to go to the toilet sometimes
I have don't it before and it tasted so yuck o.O
I'm scared :S

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