How Do You Cook Chicken Cutlets?


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To cook chicken cutlets, you need coarsely chopped cooked chicken, heavy cream, butter, flour, salt, finely chopped mushrooms, eggs, bread crumbs, Bell seasoning or powdered sage, pepper, onion juice or onion powder and chopped parsley.

The chicken is combined with the salt, the Bell's seasoning or the sage, the pepper, the onion juice or the powder, the lemon juice and the chopped mushrooms. The cream is put in a large skillet on the stove, the flour and the butter are beaten together until they are smooth and light and when the cream begins to boil, it is stirred into the mixture and stirred constantly the sauce boils again.

The seasoned chicken is added and cooked for a duration of about three minutes, two of the eggs are beaten until they are light and are stirred into the boiling ingredients, removed from the heat immediately, poured into a flat dish and left to cool in the refrigerator for a duration of about an hour or so.

A cutlet mould or a hamburger is buttered and pressed thoroughly and some crumbs are sprinkled into it, packed with the chicken and then the press is tapped on the table to make the cutlet drop out. While the press is buttered only one, it is sprinkled with crumbs every time a new cutlet is formed. When all the chicken has been used, the remaining eggs are beaten in a deep plate and the crumbs are put in another plate. The cutlets are dropped in the eggs first and then into the crumbs and then deep-fried for a duration of about two minutes at a temperature of about 360 degrees. They are drained well on paper towels and served with mushroom or Bechamel sauce.

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