How Do You Cook Chicken Menudo?


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Chicken menudo is tripe stew. It is special type of soup prepared from chicken giblets. It is very delicious and mouth watering.

A lot of ingredients like stewing chicken weighing 750 gms, garlic, onion, a bay leaf, pepper corns and salt to taste are required to make the chicken while preparing the menudo also needs olive oil, garlic, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, diced red bell pepper, green bell pepper, raisins, tomato paste, chicken broth potatoes salt etc.

Put the chicken in a casserole and add water. Then add the bay leaf and peppercorns with whole but pierced onions and garlic to the chicken. Add salt and boil allowing it to simmer. Heat low and simmer for two hours, until it becomes tender. Strain and cool before refrigerating if possible and scrape off the fat. Heat olive oil and sauté garlic until it exudes fragrance. Add chicken cubes and cook until the edges start turning brown. Mix raisins, bay leaf, onions and tomatoes and cook. Then put the cubed potatoes and continue cooking for a few more minutes. Tomato paste and bell peppers should be added and stirred. Chicken broth should be poured and seasoned with pepper and salt. Cover and boil to simmer for ten to fifteen minutes. By now the potatoes would be tender and the sauce thick. Serve by seasoning it and ad sugar if the sauce is sour.

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