How To Cook Sinaing Na Tulingan?


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Clean the fish, remove the gills and intestines. Place the fish in a pot, put salt and water.
Place the pot on the stove. Let it simmer for 10mins, then add vinegar and let it simmer for another 10mins, Note do not cover the pot or stir the vinegar to avoid the raw taste of vinegar.
You can put the siling haba for additional aroma or slice of pork belly a must if your a batangueno(optional).
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Sinaing ni isda means the fish that is cooked in sour broth. The choice of fish depends on you. Fish, salt, dried kamyas, Tamarind roots, or Singang mix, Pork fat & skin etc are the ingredients necessary to prepare sinaing ni isda.

Your first job is to prepare your fish, clean it well and then salt it. Slice the bottom of the fish and flatten it a bit if you have chosen the tulingan. Tulingan is nothing but the tuna fish. Take a deep pan and fry up the pork fat and skin with a little oil to make it soft enough remove the pork. It is necessary to fry the fish lightly before the water is added and boil it for one hour. Add the pre-soaked kamyas to the cooked fish.

Later on add the Tamarind roots, or the Sinigang Mix, the kamyas, and the fried pork to the fish, leave it to simmer on a low heat for five minutes. Banana leaves can be used to wrap and serve the fish, or serve it with garlic rice or fried rice after the fish is fried.

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