How Do You Cook Pork Leg?


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A traditional pot roast can be cooked with the help of 1.5 kg pork, olive oil, sea salt, half cup white wine, water, ground black pepper, a dozen pickling onions peeled, a single bay leaf, large sprig thyme, stock, half a dozen potatoes and two delicious sliced and peeled apples.

The pork should be taken out of its wrapping and left to dry overnight so that it would cackle. Preheat the oven at 200C. Apply salt and oil to the scored rind and grind pepper over the meat. Take a baking dish with onions, bay leaf and thyme and pour water upto 1 cm. rub oil around potatoes and place it near the meat. Bake for half an hour and ten pour stock over and around the pork. Bake for another one and a half hour at 180C while basting it with juices every 20 minutes. Then the stock should be dribbled.

After cooking prick the thickest section of the roast with a skewer. Remove it and pour the juice in a tall jug. After ten minutes it would settle and you can spoon off the fat. Cook the apples until they turn soft and keep aside. Pour wine on the baking dish at a medium heat and stir to loosen cooked bits. Then add degreased cooking juices and allow it to reduce. Put any of the juices left on the meat and potatoes and pour it into a heating serving jug. Add apple puree and carve meat. Carve the crackling in a single piece and portion it.
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Inject the pork leg with a mixture of sprite, beer, pineapple juice, sugar and salt.
Marinate for at least one hour
Cook with the mixture until dry
massage with brown sugar and cook in the oven for 30 minutes
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What are the proportions of the beer, sprite, juice, sugar & salt? Sounds like a an interesting mix that I'd like to try out...
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19lb pork leg in oven at 500 degrees. Is that good?

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