How Do You Cook Pork Tocino?


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Cured pork is known as tocino. It can be made with the following ingredients. You would require pork rump of 450 gms, dark soy sauce, vinegar for around 2 tablespoons, onion finely chopped, minced garlic, one small tomato, crushed peppercorns oyster sauce, ground black pepper and salt.
Cut the pork in thin slices. Put together all the ingredients for the marinade and pour it over pork meat. Mix it together with your hands. Cover it and let it stand for an hour while mixing it from time to time so that it spreads evenly over the meat. Boil it in a casserole and pour just enough water to cover the meat. Stir it a few times. Continue this until the fat starts coming out and until it starts drying up. Let it get browned. If it becomes dry before getting cooked then add a little water. Serve hot.

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