Have You Heard Of A Spice Called Mace ?


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Mace can be bought in most grocery stores. Mccormick carries it. Mace is derived from the same fruit or nut that nutmeg comes from, but mace comes from the outer skin of the fruit.
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Mace is a spice, yes. It has similar taste qualities to nutmeg, although can be slightly milder or delicate. They both come from the same fruit from the same tree. Mace is actually the thin, lace-like covering over the shell of a nutmeg.
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Diane Bart
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Thank-you oc4ever , guess i'm going with the nutmeg since i need it in a recipe i'm making for Thanksgiving . Just in the nick of time !
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Hi, yes mace is a very good spice. I use it in my sweet potato pies and sweet potato pudding. I put it in my candid yams. I also put in my glaze for hams, ducks, and ribs. Sometime you can get mace cheaper than nutmeg and it serves the same purposes. Take care!
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Diane Bart
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Thank-you healthlady , i used nutmeg instead . Couldn't find the mace. I was trying to make an egg nog buttercream frosting with it , doesn't matter , i destroyed the frosting anyway ! Oh well ..
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The nutmeg tree, is a treasure in that it produces two separate spices: Nutmeg and mace. A piece of unground Mace is called a blade, this is the lacy-looking scarlet-colored shell that we know as mace. After the mace is peeled from the shell and drieā€¦

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