How Do You Cook Pata Tim?


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Pata tim is a very popular Chinese dish, probably Cantonese. The ingredients for making it will be one pork leg, soy sauce, minced garlic (1 head), one sliced onion, pepper corns, 1 tablespoon of both sesame oil and cornstarch as well as 2 tablespoons of fish sauce. Add the pork leg, half of the onion and half of the minced garlic as well as the pepper corns with a little salt, put it in a pot and then boil until it turns tender. Put aside some of the soup for sauce. Then cut the meat from one side and separate the bones. After that the meat water/soy sauce should be brushed on it.

Later the meat should be fried in a pan over high heat until it turns brown but doesn't get burned. Fry both the sides of the pork leg for about a minute. Add the rest of the onion, garlic, salt, sesame oil, oyster sauce fish sauce and pour the pork stock or the set aside vegetable soup and cook on low heat until there is very little sauce. Add cornstarch with a little water and stir while boiling it so that there is little sauce. Serve hot.

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