How Many Grams Of Chopped Chicken Are In A Cup?


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Firstly, it depends on what cup you use, which you should consider from the start. Usually it is around 200-300 g per cup. One cup of chopped chicken breast would have a total of 231 calories, 5 g of fat, 119 mg of cholesterol and 0 g of carbohydrates. It would also contain around 43 g of protein which is essential as part of a healthy diet.

There are a range of dishes you can cook using chicken, including pasta, slow cooked roasts and one pot wonders (stews, casseroles etc). Chicken is extremely versatile and is low in fat as well as rich in protein.

You may see bodybuilders discuss the merits of chicken as part of a healthy and balanced diet. Some have up to six chicken breasts in one sitting to build muscle fibres. Soccer players and athletes are also advocates of chicken as a nutritional food, preparing in a similar way (although they will have one or two skinless chicken breasts instead of six!). This is because, in the example of a soccer player, they need energy to run round the pitch for two periods of 45 minutes. This means that protein will give them much needed extra energy as they burn off tremendous amounts of calories - some players run over 10 miles in a 90 minute period.

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