How Many Pounds Of Chicken Equals 100 Grams?


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100g is equal to 0.220462lbs. This is just under a quarter of a lb of Chicken.

It is always useful to have a conversion measuring chart to hand if you are cooking recipes that are not aligned to the metric systems that you are used to.

A popular unit conversion app one could use is called 'Convert Units for Free' and is available on iTunes. It can convert anything from currency to weight to save you working it out yourself.

If you often have trouble with converting cooking ingredients numbers you could pin a chart in your kitchen like this…

or this...

Measuring accurately is probably the most important cooking skill in the kitchen. Cooking is a science and when ingredients are placed together they are forming in chemistry. This chemistry can be inhibited if you have the wrong amounts of ingredients. 

The best apparatus to use for measuring is measuring spoons which you can get hold of at any of your local supermarkets, graded cups and jugs for liquid and of course weighing scales.

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