How Is Couscous Made?


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Couscous is a traditional dish of the countries of Maghreb (Northern and North western Africa) made primarily from semolina which is flour made from wheat or rice. Couscous is made by moistening the flour with water and then molding the dough in to grains of a certain size (about 1 mm in diameter); during the process flour is added to ensure that the couscous grains do not stick together and form lumps. The couscous thus produced is then dried and used as required in various dishes in combination or as an accompaniment.

Couscous is prepared in the traditional way by steaming it over a stew that is prepared beneath it in a container that is known as 'couscoussiere' in French. Couscous is served traditionally along with a meat and vegetable broth; it is also eaten as a dessert in some countries like Morocco along with milk and raisins. Couscous is available in a pre steamed or cooked form in super markets around the world as cooking it involves steaming twice or even thrice.
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Couscous is made of durum wheat, water and salt. It can be served hot in a tagine with lamb, fish, chicken, pulses, dried fruits and/or vegetables. Taboule is a cold couscous salad made of boiled couscous, chopped tomatoes, parsley, lemon and garlic. Couscous can also serve as a dessert: Boiled couscous with honey, syrup or melted sugar is pressed into a certain shape. When set the couscous 'cake' is sliced.
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The word couscous is defined as the grain which has been separated from the wheat plant. When couscous is dried and milled, it becomes semolina flour. Pasta is made out of semolina flour. It is a better alternative to rice as a grain, as it has a better flavour than that of the grains of rice.

Couscous grains are nutty and have an interesting texture, but the texture of the grains of couscous remains interesting only as long as you do not overcook it. It is much easier and faster to cook than rice.

The tern couscous is used to refer to a type of pasta which is shaped like beads. It is a culinary speciality which is mostly eaten in the northern part of the continent of Africa and the islands of the Caribbean. The grains of couscous are coated to keep them separate when they are being cooked.
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Couscous is a Berber pasta dish of semolina traditionally served with meat or vegetable stew spooned over it. Hope I helped you! :) <3

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