How Is Paprika Made?


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Paprika is a powder-type ingredient used to season in different varieties of dishes all over the world. It is made up of sweet red peppers. The red pepper is also known as bell pepper, so as paprika in some regions, like Japan, Netherlands, Indonesia for example. Considering nutritional value, paprika has a high amount of Vitamin C in it.

Paprika can be produced from pepper following any of the two methods of processing:-

• Drying
• Grinding

In general, paprika is found in two flavours –

• "Sweet", which is mild and used to different kinds of light soups
• "Hot", which is spicy in nature and used for almost any kind of hot spicy dishes

Though there are many sub-divisions depending on the region of production, taste and preparation of course:-

• Special: This type of paprika is bright and shiny red in colour and is pleasantly spicy aroma with sweet in flavour.
• Mild: This type comes in light red colour and is pleasantly aromatic
• Sweet: This comes in dark rich colour, not at all hot and medium granule.
• Semisweet: This type of paprika is light pale color, spicy, mild hot, medium granule.
• Rose paprika: This type comes in a exquisite vibrant red colour, spicy in nature with mild granule
• Hot: Comes in light brown colour, very hot and spicy

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