How Do They Make Taramasalata?


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Taramasalata, a Greek delicacy is made from the following ingredients: five oz tarama, one cup crustless bread cut into cubes (preferably French or Italian bread), two cloves garlic minced, half small onion minced, four to five tablespoon fresh lemon juice and half a cup virgin olive oil. Dry the bread by squeezing it after soaking it in the water for a few minutes. Except tarama put all the ingredients in a food processor and mix well. Later add tarama and mix it well. Put the mixture in a serving dish and chill it for about an hour. Serve it with pita points, melba toast or crusty bread chunks. It can also be eaten with raw vegetables. Taramasalata could be orange to pink in colour depending on the type of roe used.

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