How Do They Make Spreadable Butter?


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Spreadable butter can be made using different of ways. Primarily, you may use equal amount of hot water and butter together and beat them in room temperature. It will make low fat spreadable butter. Low fat in the sense that you are consuming diluted form of butter. Secondly, you may try using crock. In the bottom half of the crock, put the water, and put the butter in the top-half. It will make the butter spreadable. You may need to change the water in every three-four days to keep the butter fresh. There is another way to make spreadable butter. For that you may mix the butter with light olive oil (not extra-virgin) in equal amount in the crock and refrigerate it. If you would like to have deliciously creamy spreadable butter, you must mix the butter with Canola oil in equal amount and do the same process as you are suggested with the olive oil.

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