How Do You Make Chocolate Sponge Cake With Chocolate Butter Icing?


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For a basic sponge you will need:

2 eggs
75g of self raising flour
125g suger
125g margarine
50g of coco powder
Pre heat oven to gas mask 4. If you have a mixer or eletric whisk just thow all ingredients in then whisk all together if not mix together suger and margarine till creamy then add the 2 eggs bit by bit mixing while doing it or it will curdle then add flour and mix all together put in 2 butted baking tins even put in oven for 20 to 25 mins

Hope it helped if to sticky ad milk if to runny add coco powder or flour :D

for butter icing:

coco powder

just even it out then mix

add on 1 cake when teh cake is cooled and put other cake on top and your done

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