Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream?


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Woof Woofy answered

im not an ice cream person but i don't mind the soft iceam at fast food places like mcdonalds and Wendy's.

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HappyTo BeHereTo Profile

I LOVE chocolate.  I LOVE vanilla.  So I like vanilla ice cream smothered in chocolate.  Maybe add a little caramel,  perhaps a few pecans.....

Ohhhh...  I'll never lose my winter 10.

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Cookie Roma answered

I have an ice cream maker and make a "Irish Cream" ice cream with macadamias.  Soooooooooooooooooo good. 

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Audrey Wright answered

Can I have them both? ^.^ I love mixing different flavours and add all kinds of toppings. But one thing I prefer - homemade before the one from the store.

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Stewart Jameson answered

Since I watched the Dare Devil tv series and the scene with the grandmaster who smelled about 50 types of milk in the vanilla ice cream I can't get it out of my mind. Anyway, I still prefer Vanilla with a bit chocolate.

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