Do You Prefer Chocolate Eggs Or Rabbits For Easter?


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Karen answered
I don't do Easter commercially. Again, everything is about the almighty $$$ and I just won't play. I will usually buy my daughter a gift of some kind, like shoes, or something that she wants; but, I refuse to play the economic game. Like Christmas and every OTHER opportunity for the economy to exploit my wallet,. Easter will be celebrated with a nice meal, a prayer, and another explanation to my daughter about the particular day of celebration.
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
I'm not too interested in either the chocolate bunnies
(my sister loves the ears and I just get her the
ears only kind).but putting me in the same room with
Brack's chocolate-covered rabbits (not any other kind)
is something to see(well, maybe not your kids).    
More than once I've bought two or three packages
and Talina gets the two or three that make it home.  
Since I canonly get them at Easter, I indulge as much
and as often as I can.  Making up for the rest of the year.
Ren Yan Profile
Ren Yan answered
I like Chocolate Eggs For
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Chocolate eggs. But only the small ones. :D
HKP hkp Profile
HKP hkp answered
I prefer to chocolate eggs
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I don't care for chocolate, but if I was going to have something it would have to be a chocolate rabbit. Those goo filled eggs are nasty.
Jeannie Profile
Jeannie answered
Hi Keith,

I think the eggs, not necessarily the ones will filling, but the good quality solid chocolate ones!

All the Best!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I prefer the chocolate eggs for easter,because we can draw picture in the eggs make more interesting.
John Profile
John answered
Reese's chocolate peanut butter eggs ,but sometimes they don't like me(sometimes I am allergic to it/don't ask me why it just happens). That or a plain hershey bar with creamy peanut butter smeared on top of it.
The Instigator Profile
The Instigator answered
Well I know we're having Prime Rib on Easter, so the rabbit is out. As for sweets, I guess I'm stuck with the Chocolate egg.
Michael Crazedpsyc Profile
I like the rabbits that are so huge they take weeks to eat, but I prefer the German chocolate eggs with tiny things like bears on bikes that have moving parts and have to be assembled
Annie Devore Profile
Annie Devore answered
I Don't Care AS Long AS It Chocolate.. Dove Chocolate Is Too Good To Just Have One. Chocolate Bunny Is Too Tempting.. Only If I Get A Hollow One.. I Need To Share It.. Reese's Eggs.. My God Is All I'm Saying
Michelle Phy Profile
Michelle Phy answered
I don't care for either actually. If I can go out of the range of choices you gave me I just love the marshmallow bunnies (Peeps)
William Vanderberg Profile
Well, of the two, I'd prefer the rabbit, but my favorite of the basket goodies was always the jelly beams. My grandaughter kept saying her chocolate rabbit was a squirrel, so don't reckon she would care about either choice.
Midnite star Profile
Midnite star answered
I like chocolate rabbits better, but only for their ears. Unless your talking about the Russel Stover type, cream or marshmallow filled eggs....then they're my favorite. Also, I'd never turn down some Mounds eggs,Almond Joy eggs,Reeses's eggs, or those gooey Cadbury ones, too. I love to eat those really slow & savor all that sugar...MMmmmmmmm.....Oh heck...just leave all your leftover, unfavorite Easter chocolate at my front door...I'll take care of it for you. Just don't tell my doctor. He would not be happy with me. Thank Goodness...I only pig out on it once a year. Ooops I lied. Do it twice a year. On Valentine's Day...I get Godiva chocolate !! But it lasts me months. Only have 1  or 2 pcs. At a time. I TRY to be good.

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