My Hamburgers Fall Apart On The Grill, And I Have Tried Eggs, Then Bread Crumbs. Why? What Is Wrong?


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It may be the quality of the meat.  Try using a presser next time you form your patties.  A good  pancake turner  or a saucer back. Also try making patties with enough time to chill them in the refrigerator. You may also need to decrease the heat.
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My wife's burgers always fall apart. Mine never do. The difference. She weighs about 100 lbs and pats them together like she's powdering a baby's behind. I'm about 290 lbs and I squeeze those babies like an atomic fusion experiment. Use some elbow grease and show 'em who's boss!! Once they're on the grill....then be gentle.
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Go to a cooks store, and look for a ring to place the meat into. It not only measures the meat, you press it into the ring and it helps to keep it together. Just remember that it's raw meat that is ground up, so it is going to want to fall apart.
You don't have to use a binding agent, just be gentle with the meat. Hope this helps, good luck.
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You are probably purchasing to lean of burger.  It is better for you but sometimes the amount of fat can have a big difference as to the way they stay together.  We only hunt and eat moose meat here which is very lean.  I almost always through in an egg to help it stay together.  Another thing you might try is blending up some oatmeal until it is real fine. Mix that in with your burger.  The oatmeal takes the place of the fat that is normally there.  If you add too much oatmeal powder and it's too dry you can still add an egg or even just some water.  I discovered the thing about oatmeal when I wanted to substitute something else for all the fat that many sausage recipes call for.  The substitute was oatmeal powder.

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