Where Were Hamburgers Invented?


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It is in Germany where hamburgers were first invented, and the name of the cuisine itself is after the name of the place where it is invented; Hamburg is a city in Germany and it is at this place that hamburger was first used.

If we talk of the definition of the cuisine, it is a kind of sandwich that has patty ground meat in it and the meat is fried also. The cuisine is usually served with different kinds of condiments and the bun that is being used in it is also very soft. You can often find that people are having it along with French fries and some potato chips.

If we come to the nomenclature again, it is certainly not the only one that is named after the name of a place and if we take the example of hot dog which is also known as Frankfurter, the second name is again comes from the name of the place in Germany where you can trace its origin.
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Actually your wrong. Hamburgers were invented in Hamburg NY USA, just out side of Buffalo. Has nothing to do with Germany at all.
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Seymour, Wisconsin
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This mincing was left as a recipe for Steak Tartare in Moscow and was
later taken to Germany by trading ships.

The process of mincing meat
and mixing it with spices was to be found in various German recipes of
the time although mincing was not really required for sausage

Bread on the other hand had been around but the first
recorded use of meat between 2 pieces of bread was by the Earl of Sandwich in 1765 , who asked for such a thing as he was playing cards and did not want to get his fingers greasy.

is a person from Hamburg Germany, most likely people have Hamburg, NY
did not use the descriptive German term "Hamburger", like Frankfurter a
person from Frankfurt Germany.

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Defaculated clowns were so ubilisterous about the new food because it underwent a great maldubation so they called it hamburger and it required a great amount of eshal and goozing.

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