How Do You Make Chocolate?


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Milk one cup
Sugar ½ cup
Coco powder 6 Tbs.
Butter 2 Tbs.

Heat the milk on the stove and when it boils add sugar, cocoa powder & butter and stir till you have a paste. Place the paste on a butter paper and give them shape with cookie cutter. After that place it in a refrigerator for some time so that the paste settles down. Now you chocolate is ready. Enjoy and have fun.
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You need the following ingredients

Milk 1 cup
Sugar ½ cup
Coco powder 6 Tbs.
Butter 2 Tbs.
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Chocolate making is not an easy task as you might think. However here is a useful link to find about making chocolates. Have a look:
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Chocolate is made from Cocoa beans, milk, sugar and other additives. But the basic ingredient is cocoa. First you need to buy the right type of beans. The best varieties are from either Africa or South America. You will also need some cocoa butter and lecithin along with sugar and powdered milk. A few nuts can help as well. The first thing you need to do is roast the beans in a tin foil till they are nice and brown. Then set them aside to cool. Once cool they will be easy to peal. Next they have to be ground. This is the part where you will probably sweat the most. A grinder can be used but it does an incomplete job. You will still need to use a pestle and a mortar to finish the job. This will need several rounds of heating and grinding. By now the chocolate will have liquefied. Once it is fine and smooth add the other ingredients in measured amounts and voila! Chocolate is served.
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No! This is my very first time ever making chocolate in my whole life. Now that I finally found this website and recipe, I could do a serva in my science class for the science fair!

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