What Are The Main Ingredients For Brownies And How Do You Make Chocolate Brownies?


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The main ingredients are chocolate, flour, sugar and eggs. There are as many brownie recipes out there as there are people. If you do an online search at any recipe site, you will find more brownie recipes that you'll know what to do with.
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It actually depends on the type of brownie you wish to do. I have a particular recipe that tastes great especially for children. This is the Cheesecake brownies. The recipe and a helpful video on how to make it can be found in the link I provided below:

Prepare your brownies mix be prepared in a mixing bowl. Add your apple sauce, egg whites and water. Mix all the ingredients with electric mixer. In this brownie recipe the apple sauce serves as the oil and we use eggs whites instead of eggs. After mixing all the ingredients, pour now the mixture in a baking pan that is already sprayed with cooking spray. Spread the mixture evenly in the cooking pan.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees temperature.  Make your Brownie Mix, then make the Cheese cake part with Philadelphia cream cheese, with some flour, sugar and an egg white. Dot this evenly amongst the brownie mix, and swirl with a knife taking care to not mix it too much.

Bake your brownies for about 28-30 minutes, until you can put in a knife and it pulls out clean.  Allow to cool.

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