How Do You Melt Chocolate Without Burning It?


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Vikash Swaroop answered
Well meting chocolate without burning is quite a tricky process. Take a big vessel, fill it water, place the vessel filled with water on a stove and boil the water.

Take another vessel, but make sure that this vessel is smaller in size to the vessel in which water is being boiled. Now take the chocolate, break it into small pieces and place them into the small vessel. Once you have placed the chocolate inside the smaller vessel, pick the small vessel up and put it inside the bigger one, in which water is being boiled.

The chocolate in the small vessel will start melting because of the heat generated by the boiling water. Once the chocolate is completely melted remove the small vessel from the big one with the help of tongs.
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shelley wingert answered
Why does the chocolate turn white after you melt it and put it into the molds, and how do we stop the whitening process??
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You can use double boiler for it or you can take a sauce pan with water and heat proof bowl on it . Please try this  & tell is it helpful for you or not .
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Jus put it in a container for a couple of hours an it will melt itself

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